We believe the child is born with a capacity to learn that must be developed and supported through the appropriate nurturing and educational guidance, experiences and activities provided by parents, teachers and other significant persons in the child’s life.

We believe in the contribution of research and the latest advances in psychology, as well as the arts and sciences of teaching, to achieve the ultimate goals of physical, social/emotional, cognitive, and moral development of the child.

We believe that children pass through stages of development, which occur in a predictable sequence in their physical, social/emotional, and cognitive growth.

We believe that the adult’s responsibility is to develop an educational program that assists the child to reach his/her fullest potential.  We do this by recognizing each stage of development and fashioning a curriculum that will nurture and facilitate growth during those stages.

We believe that our teachers and staff need to be consistent in providing warmth, love, and respect to the child and to believe in his/her ability to make choices. With these elements engrained in the educational environment, all adults will be assisting the child in developing as an independent, unique human being, bringing his/her new self into the world to eventually become a citizen capable and willing to contribute positively to his community.

We believe, as indicated by research findings, that creative exposure to a dual-language experience at the pre-School-age is crucial to learn a second language, and to increase the communication competence of the child, as required by the globalization tendencies of our society in current times.

The Angels Child Development Center